Meet Moriah Hilden

Suntory Yamazaki Distillery, Japan. November 2018.

Suntory Yamazaki Distillery, Japan. November 2018.

Hi, I’m Mo - a numbers gal that enjoys the finer things in life, especially the ones that can be enjoyed in a solid rocks glass.

Born in Guam and having spent my childhood in the Philippines, my family moved into the quiet suburban town of Sherwood, Oregon in 2000. This sleepy settlement was the definition of serenity, characterized by your typical happy-go-lucky Sunday drivers – somehow every day of the week, despite the traditional saying – and, of course, the picturesque hills of wine country rolling out of sight...

Much has changed since then but before leaping right to present time, I should probably preface a bit. Back in 2015, I graduated from college and took a trip to Japan. Deep down some obscure alley in Gion (Kyoto), I stepped into a micro bar – and stepped out with an irreversible passion for whiskey. Though the long flight back to Oregon marked the end of a great trip, it also marked the beginning of a new adventure for me. In the following weeks I searched for any whiskey club or group that could quench my thirst for knowledge. After an arduous process, I stumbled upon a diamond in the rough: Women Who Whiskey PDX chapter. Needless to say, after my first event I was hooked. I attended event after event, haul after haul from the suburban outskirts to the city core. Then it hit me like a damn freight train.

I need to move to Portland.

In addition to the move, I felt driven to get even more involved in the Women Who Whiskey PDX Chapter. After expressing this to Jeneen, President of the club and now good friend of mine, she agreed I could be her right-hand woman.

Wow, things have picked up.

The sleepy town of Sherwood was replaced by a city overflowing with restaurants and bars and, though my fridge and liquor cabinet may be full, you can find me bouncing around town indulging in this tasty city. However, let me be clear: I don’t necessarily know the ins and outs of whiskey; I don’t and won’t have all the answers – but that’s not keeping me from seeking them out. What I do know is that I enjoy whiskey and what matters the most: sharing it with friends, family, even strangers; sharing old experiences and making new ones. So, if that’s cool with you, join in and follow along as this once suburban island baby roams the boozy unknowns of this whiskey world.

Smooth Sailing & Cheers!